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Added: 2011-11-25 03:00:00 UTC

Runtime: 02:01

Category: Glory Hole

At one particular extra friendly chapel where Dillon Press goes to confess his many sins, including having had sex with men. Father Luciano Haas promises to help him. The confessional is just a glory hole where comes Dillon's big dick, which Haas sucks with knowing skills. Father Haas invites Press to his private office for further absolution. Dillon climbs on top of Haas, pulls up his gown to find the father butt naked! The cleric gets fucked like a whore. The father sucks off another confessor, Ty Hudson a brutish leather dude, who is also invited back to Haas 'private quarters'. Ty viciously plows the whoring priest, who wears nothing but his cross.

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