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Added: 2011-12-09 08:00:00 UTC

Runtime: 02:00

Category: Amateur

Big tall blonde boy Aaron Mark invites his friend Thorben over for a little fun at a hotel room in Hamburg, Germany. These two have obviously played around before and role play the daddy boy scenario, but this time with the daddy being in complete control. Thorben starts off by forcing his boy to take his fat uncut German cock all the way down his throat. Thorben then turns Aaron around, pulls down his pants, and attacks his ass, slapping it and eating it out while aggressively talking to Arron in German. Thorben then takes his big fat cock and shoves it into Aaron's muscle blonde tight ass. Thorben aggressively attacks Aaron's ass until his boy shoots his load then Aaron flips over and plays with Thorben's nipples until he shoots his huge load too.

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