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Added: 2012-12-21 20:00:00 UTC

Runtime: 03:04

Category: Bareback

Chad and Jake passionately kiss and lick one another as Jake bends down to his knees and buries his face into Chad's furry crotch. He sucks and swallows his throbbing cock leaving Chad aching for more. Chad bends Jake over and buries his face deep into his muscle bubble butt. He rims his hole as he teases Jake's sphincter with his probing fingers. Twitching and puckering Chad slides his raw cock into Jake’s manhole. Chad fucks him in a variety of positions as he mounts and straddles his eager hole. Jake takes every inch of his pole when he sits on Chad's cock and rides him cowboy. Jake shoots his nut all over himself as Chad continues to fuck him. He pulls his cock out and adds his own load to Jake's glistening pecs. Jake is drenched in cum as they share a kiss to close the scene off.

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